Drug Updates

As a service to our members, HOPA provides information about newly approved oncology drugs. Using the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as our source, we routinely aggregate and share drug updates to help keep you informed and up-to-date.

Pharmacist at work

Whether you are early in your oncology pharmacy career, or you have been practicing for awhile, knowledge is power. Take a look at the drug listings below and their corresponding pages at fda.gov - and be sure to watch for HOPA's Friday FDA Alert email, too!

Please note: In providing his information for members, HOPA does not endorse any product or therapy and does not take any position on the safety or efficacy of the product or therapy described.

Pharmacist's Application to Practice (PAP)

HOPA's External Affairs Committee helps bring drug updates into focus by assigning, editing, and publishing a series of Pharmacist Applications to Practice, or PAPs.

PAP authors provide analysis and research on the application of these new drugs or indications and make their findings available as a resource for other members.

The Pharmacist Application to Practice page is currently under construction. Please check back soon for new PAPs.