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The Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association can be summarized this way: We bring both the heart and science to cancer care.

We see the impact of cancer and blood diseases on patients and their loved ones every day. That's why our Patient Outreach Committee created the Patient Advisory Panel to give a voice to those being directly affected by cancer treatment.

Panelists Share Their Perspectives

New this year, HOPA will be recruiting caregivers to the panel as they will provide a unique perspective. Panel gives patients, caregivers, and survivors who have been impacted by cancer or blood diseases an opportunity to share their perspectives, which may influence HOPA’s programming, initiatives, policies, and publications. Patients of all ages, stages in therapy, and cancer/disease types may apply. Click here to apply!

Applications are accepted through Friday, June 30, 2023.

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HOPA Patient Advisory Panel Members

HOPA’s Patient Outreach Committee (POC) is pleased to introduce the HOPA Patient Advisory Panel. The panel is instrumental in reviewing HOPA’s programming, initiatives, policies, and publications to ensure these resources meet the needs of their primary audiences and provide a patient perspective.

HOPA is grateful to the Panel, which consists of people who have been impacted by cancer and blood diseases. Please read their biographies for a deeper (and often personal) reason for their selection as HOPA Patient Advisory Panelists.

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New Panelists Welcome!

As a HOPA member, your support is instrumental in determining the quality of the Patient Advisory Panel, and we are asking for your participation by reviewing your list of patients, determine if there are individuals that might meet the Panel criteria, and ask them to apply. To aid in your communication with them, we are providing you with this flyer, which explains the purpose and their commitment as a Patient Advisory Panelist