Core Competency Program

Are you a pharmacist new to hematology/oncology and ready to advance your career? Are you an institutional leader ready to educate your healthcare team on all things Hem/Onc?

HOPA's Core Competency Program is the most up-to-date, comprehensive educational program that sets pharmacists up for success in oncology pharmacy!

Core Competency Program

On-demand and self-paced, HOPA’s 2023 Core Competency Program is ideal for pharmacists who are not trained in hematology/oncology pharmacy but find themselves needing to apply the Core Competencies. These courses are also popular with other individuals in the healthcare field, including nurses and other practitioners who have an interest in growing their pharmacy skillset.

Redesigned for a Contemporary Learner Experience

Beginning with the 2023 modules, users will experience an engaging, and interactive format for better overall learning. Packaged within the redesigned format, this product is popular among individuals and institutions looking for the most up-to-date, comprehensive educational program for setting up pharmacists and other medically trained individuals with greater knowledge of oncology pharmacy.

HOPA’s 2023 Core Competency Program offers bundled learning for greater savings as well as 12 modules available for individual purchase. This new version is available , through June 26, 2026

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Fundamental Education for Pharmacists New to Oncology Pharmacy

  • Learn about various treatment options, chemotherapy safety, chemotherapy admixture, pharmacology and chemotherapy toxicity, and prevention/management
  • Earn up to 12.5 CE hours

Fundamental Education for Institutions

The Core Competency Program is the ideal solution for Institutions looking to provide oncology education for their staff pharmacists or non-clinical professionals.

2023 Core Competency Modules

  • Module 1: Basic Oncology Pharmacology – 2.75 hours
  • Module 2: Evaluation of Chemotherapy Orders and Initial Patient Assessment – 0.75 hour
  • Module 3: Monitoring and Modifying Cancer Treatment Care Plans – 1.5 hours
  • Module 4: Calculating Appropriate Doses of Anticancer Medications for Hematology/Oncology Patients – 0.25 hour
  • Module 5: Effective Patient Education – 1.25 hour
  • Module 6: Designing and Implementing Supportive Care Plans – 1.25 hours
  • Module 7: Extravasation: When Chemotherapy Misses the Mark – 0.25 hour
  • Module 8: Value Based Frameworks in Oncology – .75 hours
  • Module 9: Medication Procurement – 0. 5 hour
  • Module 10: Billing and Reimbursement – 1 hour
  • Module 11: Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs – 1 hour
  • Module 12: Investigational Drug Principles – 1.25 hours

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Program Pricing

The pricing of the Institutional License depends on the HOPA membership status of the person placing the order and the number of seats being ordered per this chart:

Core Competency Institutional License

Small (2-9 units)

Member $300/pp

Non-Members $440/pp

Large (10+ units)

Member $330/pp

Non-Members $460/pp

Once placed, the order is priced accordingly. Please consider your membership status prior to placing the order.

For questions about the program, or to have an order placed by check/wire transfer, contact HOPA staff at or 877-467-2791. To purchase individual modules or the Core Competency Program bundle, visit HOPA Learn.