HOPA's History

HOPA Board Members

The Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association (HOPA) got its start nearly a decade before it was officially formed in 2004. A small, dedicated group of 10 pharmacists formed Oncology New Concepts (ONC) in 1995 to bring together their interests in oncology practice, and clinical and administrative skills.

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The collaborative, led by Jody Simon, was the first of its kind to address the educational and resource needs of oncology pharmacists. Jim Koeller, Steve Huber, Phil Johnson, Dwight Kloth, Bob Ignoffo, Rowena Schwartz, Terri Davidson, Celeste Lindley, Barry Goldspiel, and Jane Pruemer joined Simon in laying the foundation for activities and initiatives aimed at growing and advancing the field of oncology pharmacy.

From the very beginning, ONC worked with Industry to help fund educational programs and host social functions at major professional association meetings. By 1997, ONC launched the first Making a Difference in Oncology (MAD-ONC) pharmacy meeting in partnership with Moffitt Cancer Center. The two-day event gave pharmacists a place to share both bench and clinical research efforts.

Although the ONC founders eventually moved on to different opportunities, Johnson and the founding members transitioned ONC and the MAD-ONC meeting into what HOPA is today.

HOPA's Founding Board of Directors and Members

Chair: John Kuhn
Vice Chair: Barry Goldspiel
Secretary: Terri Davidson
Treasurer: Susan Goodin
Ross Davidson
Robert Ignoffo
Phil Johnson
Ann Birner
Steven D’Amato
Terri Davidson
Christopher Fausel
Pamela Fraser
Barry Goldspiel
Susan Goodin
Philip Hall
Julia Hammond
Paul Hutson
Jonas Hylton
Suzanne Jones
Dwight Kloth
Jim Koeller
Julie Lisano
Theresa Mays
Pamela McDevitt
Margaret McGuinness
Robert Nemcek
Jane Pruemer
Rowena Schwartz
Sachin Shah
Richard Shields
Scott Soefje
Patricia Willmann
Siu-Fun Wong