Time to Talk to your Oncology Pharmacist

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Did you know the risk of cancer increases as we age? It is one of the risk factors we can’t change, but we may be able to improve how cancer treatment is delivered.

Special Message for Adults over 55 with Cancer

Even if you have had quite a few years to "live and learn,” treating cancer is most likely something new to you and your loved ones. That’s why we partnered with BeiGene, Regeneron, and Exelixis, to get the word out: Your oncology pharmacist can help you on your treatment journey.

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Ask for your Oncology Pharmacist

We are medication experts with experience helping people just like you navigate cancer treatment. We can help you manage the common side effects of chemotherapy and review your other prescriptions to make sure those medications won’t interfere with treatment – or vice versa.

Ask your care team for your oncology pharmacist when you have questions or concerns about chemotherapy or its side effects. In the meantime, this toolkit can help you manage chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.

Patient Assistance

For ongoing education and resources, including financial assistance programs, visit our Patient Assistance page.