Oncology Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Our Oncology Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are available on HOPA Central and provide a forum for members like you to discuss issues of importance with practitioners who share a similar practice. Through online discussion groups and meetings at annual conference, SIG participants share knowledge, find collaborators, and hone practice skills.


How to Sign up for a Special Interest Group

  1. Log in at HOPA Central
  2. Click on the My Communities or All Communities drop-down menu option on the Communities tab.
  3. Select the appropriate SIG, and click the Enter button.

If you are currently signed up as a member of any SIG discussion groups, you should already have access. Please follow the code of conduct and rules of etiquette on HOPA Central.

Interest is Growing in Special Interest Groups!

Thanks to engaged HOPA members, the number of Oncology Special Interests Groups (SIGs) continues to increase. Special interest groups were recently formed for: Breast Cancer, Classical Hematology, and Gyecologic Oncology.

All HOPA members are welcome to sign up for these Special Interest Groups on HOPA Central (bold denotes newly added SIGs).

  • Ambulatory
  • Administrative
  • Academia
  • Breast Cancer
  • Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Classical Hematology
  • Cerner Oncology User Group
  • Epic (Beacon) User Group
  • Geriatrics
  • Gynecologic Oncology
  • Investigational Drug Services
  • Industry Professionals
  • New Practitioners
  • Pediatrics
  • Residency Program Directors
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Trainees

Watch the video below for a short tutorial about HOPA's Special Interest Groups, including why - and how - to join. (Video run time: 7:19)