From intravenous treatments to oral medicine, we know cancer care can be complex. HOPA offers you and your care team resources and tool kits to enhance your treatment plan while you focus on what matters most: healing.

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Time to Talk Immuno-OncologyTM

HOPA, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Regeneron/Sanofi Genzyme have teamed up to provide patients with two comprehensive toolkits that include patient-focused information on immunotherapy and cellular therapy.

Intravenous Chemo Education (IVE) Sheets

Intravenous Education (IVE) brings you the latest information about individual intravenous cancer therapies.

Oral Cancer Treatment Education (OCE) Sheets

Oral Cancer Treatment Education provides patient education materials that answers common drug-related FAQs and helps patients better participate in their treatment.


These PDF flyers were created to better facilitate and start a dialogue between oncology pharmacists and patients.

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Time to Talk to your Oncology Pharmacist

Your oncology pharmacist is a medication expert with a lot of caregiving experience.

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Taking Chemotherapy Medicines by Mouth

Some cancer treatments are taken orally, this handout provides an overview of how these medications work and how they should be taken.

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What your Oncology Pharmacist Does

What Your Oncology Pharmacist does is an overview of their professional responsibilities and role within the patient’s healthcare team.