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Secretarial Candidate Zahra Mahmoudjafari


Current Employment

Clinical Pharmacy Manager-Hem/BMT/Cellular Therapies | University of Kansas Cancer Center

Election Statement

I am honored to run for Secretary on the HOPA Board, and I am excited to share what I have to offer in this role. With years of dedicated experience, my passion for pharmacy, professional development, education, advocacy, and awareness, has been the driving force behind my career. I am deeply committed to collaborating with the multidisciplinary healthcare team, and I believe that these qualities position me to make a significant contribution to HOPA and its mission.

Over the course of my career, I was first introduced to HOPA as an oncology resident. I became involved first as a clinical pharmacist and then as a clinical pharmacy manager. I am passionate about organizational involvement and find significant reward in giving back to the profession. In my capacity as Secretary, I will draw on this expertise to support HOPA’s strategic goals, particularly those related to advancing patient care through teamwork and integration.

Serving as a Residency Program Director has afforded me a profound understanding of the importance of education and professional development. I have witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of structured training programs. In this role, I will champion initiatives aimed at enhancing educational opportunities and nurturing the growth of our members, aligning with HOPA’s objective of promoting excellence in pharmacy education.

Professional development is not merely a checkbox on my career path; it is a cornerstone of my journey. I wholeheartedly believe that our ability to provide exceptional patient care is inextricably linked to our commitment to continual growth. I am humbled to have had the opportunity along with my research partners to develop the Oncology Pharmacy Workforce surveys, and lead the Oncology Pharmacy Workforce Collaborative, representing the voice of so many to advocate for meaningful change. In this role as Secretary, I will advocate for and actively contribute to HOPA’s initiatives that empower pharmacists to continuously enhance their expertise and impact patient outcomes.

My advocacy and awareness efforts have revolved around elevating the role of pharmacists, particularly in the specialized fields of hematologic malignancies and cellular therapies. I understand the transformative potential of advocacy in catalyzing change and raising awareness. In this role, I will work tirelessly to advocate for policy changes, raise awareness, and emphasize the pharmacist’s pivotal role in these critical areas, directly aligning with HOPA’s advocacy and awareness goals.

Collaboration is at the heart of delivering comprehensive and patient-centered care in oncology and hematology. As Secretary, I will promote and facilitate collaboration among HOPA members, encouraging the exchange of ideas and fostering a team-based approach to patient care. This commitment echoes HOPA’s strategic goals of advancing teamwork and integration in our field.

In conclusion, I am deeply committed to advancing HOPA’s mission and strategic goals outlined in the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan. I am confident in my ability to help HOPA chart a path toward excellence and achievement. I humbly request your support and your vote in this election, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve and lead HOPA in the years ahead.