K.Rao Photo
At–Large Member Candidate Kamakshi V. Rao


Director of Pharmacy

UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill  |  None

Current Employment

Assistant Director of Pharmacy | University of NC Hospital

Election Statement

Oncology pharmacists are uniquely poised to impact healthcare now and in the future. Whether in clinical practice, education, administration, research/development, or industry affairs, HOPA members are finding themselves in a position to pursue career directions and impacts that haven't been seen before. Our field, and our people, are evolving rapidly. As an organization, HOPA must pursue evolving alongside our members. To do so requires agility, adaptability, and a willingness to re-evaluate and adjust to meet the needs and wants of HOPA members.

I am thrilled to be considered for the position of Member At Large for the HOPA Board. I have been a proud and contributory member within HOPA for nearly 20 years, and over that time, I have consistently called HOPA my 'home' organization. Throughout my career, HOPA has provided a variety of opportunities that have allowed me to grow and develop into the practitioner and leader I am today. As a young clinician, educational opportunities at HOPA provided ongoing development. Eventually, I was able to contribute as a speaker at numerous HOPA meetings, and have provided ongoing service to committees within the organization. As a researcher, some of my early support in practice based research came through HOPA Research Grants, which helped spark an interest in research that continues to this day. Most recently, my service on the DEI Taskforce, Committee, and Advisory group has coincided with my service as a senior leader at my home institution, which has offered me the opportunity to leverage my leadership voice to advocate effectively in pursuit of advancement in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion both locally and nationally. Most recently, I have had the privilege to co-lead the Oncology Pharmacy Workforce Collaborative, aimed at amplifying the collective voices of oncology pharmacists nationwide to advocate for professional development, practice model, and well-being commitments that are needed to retain and reward our workforce. Each step of the way has been a learning experience and a growth opportunity.

I'm excited for the potential opportunity and growth that could come from service to the board of HOPA. If elected, Iwill work hard to bring my passion for our profession and advocate for the advancement, recognition, and celebration of oncology pharmacists nationwide.