Stephanie Anderson Headhsot
1st Year on Panel - 1st Term Stephanie Anderson


Inpatient Clinical Pharmacist

UT Southwestern Medical Center  |  Dallas, Texas

Stephanie is an inpatient clinical pharmacist at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX. She was diagnosed with diffuse large B-Cell lymphoma in 2011 as a senior in high school and immediately underwent an intense IV chemotherapy regimen. She completed treatment in August of 2011 and achieved the remission milestone in August 2013.

Her perspective as a patient is what drove her to become a pharmacist. Utilizing past experiences allows her to effectively practice patient advocacy every day in her job. She aspires to continue to work toward a role where she can impact oncology patients more directly.

Stephanie lives in Dallas, TX with her husband, beautiful baby daughter, and their two dogs. She enjoys spending quality time with her growing family, being outdoors, and writing poetry. Additionally, she finds volunteering with pediatric oncology patients/survivors, such as at Camp Boggy Creek in Eustis, FL, to be some of her most rewarding experiences. She ultimately views her personal history with cancer as a blessing in disguise as it has completely changed her perspective on life.