Late Breaking Research Abstracts

Annual Conference 2024

Processes for Completed Research Posters

HOPA defines Late Breaking Research as a timely and significant project that was incomplete at the deadline for Completed Research, but has since concluded and is able to be presented with results and conclusions. Please note: Encore Presentations will NOT be accepted as Late Breaking research.

Selected abstracts will be presented as ePosters at the Annual Conference. Type the abstract title in "title case," capitalizing the first letter of each word only. Submissions must have a title to be considered for the conference program.

Two Research Categories

  • Clinical/Translational Research – Clinical/Translational research projects are designed to investigate the safety and/or effectiveness of a medication, treatment strategy, or medication-containing device in humans. This may include but is not limited to laboratory-based studies, evaluation of pharmacist clinical interventions, prospective trials, and/or retrospective chart review.
    • Topics for Clinical/Translational Research include:
      • Benign Hematology
      • Malignant Hematology
      • Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT)/Cellular Therapy
      • Solid Tumor
      • Supportive Care
      • Other
  • Practice Management Research – Practice Management Research projects are designed to improve medication safety, establish best practices, and/or explore the role of the hematology/oncology pharmacist in patient care through the enhancement of pharmacy resources. This may include but is not limited to formulary management and order set/protocol development, optimization of resource utilization (e.g. medication procurement and distribution, cost savings or cost avoidance, outpatient infusion chair time reduction), quality improvement initiatives and expansion of service lines (e.g. collaborative practice agreements, billing for pharmacy provided services, implementation of patient education programs).
    • Topics for Practice Management Research include:
      • Distribution of Services
      • Information Technology
      • Medication Safety Management
      • Pharmacist Roles
      • Quality Improvement
      • Value of Cancer Care
      • Other

All information entered on the abstract form will appear in print exactly as it is typed. It is recommended that the abstract is typed offline in a word processing document. After spelling and grammatical errors are edited, and the word count is verified, copy and paste the text into the online form. Notification of acceptance and declination will be emailed to the address provided within six to eight weeks of the submission deadline.

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