Residency Wellness Toolkit

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We know that dedicating all of your time and energy at the start of your career is key to becoming a successful Hem/Onc pharmacist, however with the intense pressure and intense workload preventing burnout and building resiliency is a necessary to reaching your goals.

With the resources below you can implement research based strategies to increase your mental well being.

APhA - Well-Being Resilience Report​

Read recommendations from the National Consensus Conference on Enhancing Well-being and Resilience Among the Pharmacist Workforce.

U.S. Surgeon General on Healthcare Worker Burnout

Read the U. S. Surgeon General's advisory report on healthcare workout burnout, and how to continue building a thriving healthcare workforce.

The Well being Lab

The Well being Lab offers unique surveys, research, tools and even Well Being workshops for your team.

Development and Implementation of Pharmacy Well-Being Programs

Learn how the implementation of residency focused Well-Being programs can decrease residency burnout.

Implementation of a Pharmacy Residency Resiliency Program

Learn about the benefits of a pharmacy residency resiliency program (PRRP) for postgraduate year 1 (PGY1) and postgraduate year 2 (PGY2) pharmacy residents.