Established Career / Mid - Level Wellness Toolkit

Mid - Career professional

Advancing in the Hem/Onc field should not occur at the expense of your mental well being and happiness. Learn how to decrease stress levels and reduce your chance of burnout with the resources below.

APhA - Well-Being Resilience Report​

Read recommendations from the National Consensus Conference on Enhancing Well-being and Resilience Among the Pharmacist Workforce.

ACP - Individual Physician Wellness and Burnout Tools​

Use this collection of Podcasts, TED Talks, blogs, apps, and more to take a deeper dive into improving your personal well-being and professional satisfaction.

U.S. Surgeon General on Healthcare Worker Burnout

Read the U. S. Surgeon General's advisory report on healthcare workout burnout, and how to continue building a thriving healthcare workforce.

ASHP Well Being Resources

Access catered well being resources including community connections and even webinars.

The Wellbeing Lab

The Well being Lab offers unique surveys, research, tools and even Well Being workshops for your team.

Resilience Skills Training Program

Read tips and resources on reducing stress while building resiliency throughout your career.

Podcast - Adopting a Growth Mindset - The Happiness Lab

" David Yeager, a psychology professor at UT-Austin, explains how we fall into limiting fixed mindsets, and how easy it is to start adopting a "growth" mindset that will allow us to flourish. "

Podcast: Working Your Way to Happiness- The Happiness Lab

" Dr Laurie Santos examines how we all came to ignore the importance of job satisfaction and hears from Professor Amy Wrzesniewski about "job crafting" - the reframing skill that happy people like Marty use to see their careers as more than just a way to make money."

Podcast: Burnout and How to Avoid It- The Happiness Lab

Learn tips from psychology professor David Yeager on how to avoid burnout while reaching your goals.

Career Transition - Harvard Buisness Review podcast

Host Muriel Wilkins how to move forward with his career plans even when it feels like the odds are stacked against him.

Career Transisiton - Career Coaching -ASHP

Find a career coach that will help you reach your goals with research based tactics.

Demonstrating the value of the oncology pharmacist within the healthcare team

Read peer reviewed research about the key benefits of a Hem/Onc pharmacists on a patients healthcare.

How To Create and Pitch a New Position

Learn how to create the role that is right for you!