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Helpful Websites

Multiple organizations provide tools and other resources focused on quality in healthcare, with many specific to cancer care. The websites listed below provide ideas and guidance for conducting quality improvement projects, and other resources to support pharmacists in improving the quality of patient care.

ASCO Quality Improvement Library

PDSA Quality Improvement Project & Clinical Study: Just ASK

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

ASHP Quality Improvement Resource Center

Choosing Wisely

Oncology-Based Quality Measures

Measuring the quality of care is important to help identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement. Here you can explore several oncology-based quality assessment programs and sets of standards that focus on different aspects of cancer care.

ASCO QOPI Certification Program Standards (QOPI)

Commission on Cancer: Optimal Resources for Cancer Care – 2020 Standards

NCODA Positive Quality Interventions (PQIs) -- Quality Standards for Oral & IV Oncolytics

Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation's

Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) - Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation

Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) – Pharmacy Accreditation for Specialty Pharmacy

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Publishing Quality Improvement Work

Publication is an essential aspect of the quality improvement process. Disseminating QI best practices and learnings can help quickly spread innovation to other healthcare organizations, while preventing others from repeating unnecessary mistakes. The process of writing a manuscript also forces clarification and verification of the initiative. Publications can be a strong source of motivation for team members, especially during inevitable project barriers, and allows, individuals opportunities for networking and career advancement. Planning for publication during the early stages of the QI project will help focus the team on deliverable timelines, data collection and analysis requirements, considerations for publication venues, and potential need for mentorship surrounding publication.

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Writing QI initiatives for publication is significantly different than research-type manuscripts, so understanding the format and requirements in the early stages of the QI project is essential to successful and timely publication. Several tools exist to assist authors preparing QI manuscripts. The Standards for Quality Improvement Reporting Excellence (SQUIRE) guidelines and Template for Intervention Description and Replication TIDierR checklists provide step by step framework for the necessary components of a QI publication. The Journal of Graduate Medical Education article “How to Write up Your Quality Improvement Initiatives for Publication” is an excellent explanation of the components of a successful QI publication. Many avenues exist for written publications, including quality-focused conferences and peer reviewed journals. A non-exhaustive list of potential journals is available at IHI.org, but some additional oncology and/or pharmacy-specific venues are listed below:

  • Journal of Hematology Oncology Pharmacy
  • JCO Oncology Practice – Quality in Action
  • Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice
  • HOPA Annual Conference
  • HOPA Practice Management
  • ASCO Quality Care Symposium

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