Bylaws Amendments

The proposed Bylaws Amendments passed by majority vote of HOPA members and will be adopted by the organization as of December 2, 2023.

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About HOPA's Bylaws

The HOPA Governance Committee is comprised of volunteer members with an eye for detail. We work alongside the Board of Directors to fulfill HOPA's responsibilities and commitments to membership. One critical task of Governance is to periodically review the bylaws for potential changes and ensure proper voting procedures are followed when implementing approved revisions.

Keeping Bylaws Current and Creating more Clarity

In November 2022, a task force of committee members and staff was convened to draft an updated set of bylaws. The primary objective of this draft was threefold:

  • Remove procedural and policy items that are outdated or are more appropriate for other governance documents
  • Incorporate bylaws changes as recommended by the Board and other key stakeholders
  • Ensure all language is clear, concise, and adheres to the necessary legal requirements

The process of updating bylaws included thorough discussions within the task force, a comprehensive legal review, and review and approval from the Board. As per the HOPA Bylaws, a call for a comment period of no less than 45 days (approximately 1.5 months) was allowed for any proposed amendments.

Summary of Changes

The Bylaws were revised based on recommendations from the Governance Committee and legal counsel to enhance clarity and appropriateness. Unnecessary information was removed, and significant changes will be summarized for consideration. Grammatical errors were corrected without detailed mention to focus on important concepts.

Voting is now closed.


The revisions made to the Bylaws were guided by legal counsel to ensure compliance with applicable laws. Redundant and unnecessary statements were removed to enhance clarity and effectiveness. The organization's best interests were considered throughout the process, and members' ability to propose amendments and vote on Bylaw changes remains intact. The aim is to maintain flexibility and alignment with legal requirements while ensuring the organization operates smoothly and efficiently. These changes were approved by the membership and took effect December 2, 2023.