Critical Conversations: Navigating Drug Shortages and Empowering Oncology Pharmacists

HOPA recently partnered with the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) and Association of VA Hematology/Oncology (AVAHO) and lead a virtual round table about the current shortage of cisplatin and carboplatin. This unique opportunity for oncology pharmacists, healthcare professionals, and stakeholders explored the management of drug shortages and valuable perspectives from one another.

Just Released: Answers to Audience Questions

While it was not possible to address all of the audience questions during the live roundtable webinar, our participants agreed to submit written responses. A special thank you to all of the HOPA, ACCC, and AVAHO panelists for giving your time and attention to this critical conversation.

Download our Drug Shortages Q&A

Missed the Webinar? Tune in Below!

Oncology pharmacists play a crucial role in addressing these shortages and ensuring optimal patient care through their expertise in drug management, therapeutic alternatives, and communication with healthcare teams.

This round table webinar brings together experienced oncology pharmacists to share their insights, experiences, and practical strategies.

Through interactive discussions and real-world scenarios, participants will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, exchange ideas, and develop actionable plans to tackle drug shortages effectively, with a particular focus on the management of cisplatin and carboplatin shortages.

Drug Shortages Roundtable Objectives

  1. Summarize the dynamics of drug shortages in the oncology setting
  2. Discussion points: overview of causes, implications, and current trends
  3. Describe the pivotal role of the oncology pharmacist in drug shortage management
  4. Discussion points: strategies for proactive planning, inventory management, and therapeutic substitutions
  5. Identify collaborative approaches to mitigate the effects of drug shortages
  6. Discussion points: effective communication and coordination between oncology pharmacists, healthcare providers, and suppliers
  7. Analyze the impact on treatment options and clinical decision-making during the cisplatin and carboplatin shortage
  8. Discussion: navigating the unique challenges surrounding this particular shortage (clinical expert discussion related to lung cancer and gynecologic cancers)