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HOPA Oncology Pharmacists: Committed to the Care of Patients with Cancer
Check out the new education video produced by HOPA explaining the critical role of oncology pharmacist.

Request for Comments:
The NIH is considering not formally including individuals with PharmD degrees as part of a new grant mechanism for career development funding and HOPA would like your comments. More information is available here.

HOPA’s letter to Genentech CEO Ian Clark has generated a number of references in media coverage on the new distribution model. Here are two of the most recent:

Ascension Health Bans Genentech Sales Reps After Losing Drug Discounts
( Oct 7, 2014 - A change in the supply chain for three important Genentech cancer medications elicits a strong reaction from one of the nation's largest operators of hospitals. read article

Genentech Sales Reps Face Hospital Bans Over a Wholesale Change
(Wall Street Journal-Pharmalot) October 3, 2014 - Ascension Health, which is one of the nation’s largest operators of hospitals and clinics, has banned Genentech sales representatives from visiting its 1,900 hospitals and clinics around the country after the drug maker changed distribution for three big-selling cancer medicines earlier this week. read article

The HOPA Board of Directors submitted a letter to Genentech’s CEO Ian T. Clark, addressing the impact that a new distribution model will have on cancer care. Additionally, HOPA, ACCC and other organizations sent a joint letter outlining their concerns.

HOPA has been involved in conversations with Genentech in response to their change in distribution channels for its infused cancer medicines. HOPA continues to closely monitor the situation and provide additional information as it becomes available. If you have specific reports of interruptions in patient care, please contact HOPA at with the subject line “Genentech”.

Read Genentechs response to concerns raised by HOPA.

The call for Trainee Research-In-Progress Poster Abstracts for the 2015 HOPA Annual Conference is now open.

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