1. What is the HOPA Resource Library?
    As a service of HOPA, the Resource Library provides a platform for educators and learners to share innovations, materials, and resources that will help others in the field of hematology/oncology pharmacy practice.

  2. What types of resources can be submitted for inclusion in the HOPA Resource Library?
    Policies, webinars/podcasts, toolkits, evidence briefs, reports, guidelines and standards, summaries, programs, and patient education.

  3. Are the materials in the Resource Library considered peer reviewed?
    Resources posted in the Resource Library are not peer reviewed by HOPA, but they are vetted by the Tools and Resources Committee prior to posting in the Resource Library.

  4. Who has access to the HOPA Resource Library?
    Materials in the HOPA Resource Library are available to both members and non-members.

  5. Does HOPA charge a fee to post or access the HOPA Resource Library?
    HOPA does not currently charge a fee to post or access material in the HOPA Resource Library.

  6. Does HOPA Resource Library include materials available in foreign languages?
    Resources posted at this time are in English only, but resources available in other languages will be considered and reviewed by the Tools and Resources Committee.

  7. Who can submit material to the HOPA Resource Library?
    Students, educators, practitioners, researchers and administrators involved in the hematology/oncology pharmacy practice are invited to submit to the HOPA Resource Library.

  8. Why would I want to submit to the HOPA Resource Library?
    The HOPA Resource library submitters promote the visibility and accessibility of their materials to HOPA’s broad membership base and the global audience of health professionals who utilize HOPA’s website.

  9. Can submitters remove their resource at any time?
    Yes, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to remove posted material.

  10. Can a submitter revise his or her resource once it is posted online?
    Yes, resources can be modified, but the modified resource will again go through the vetting process.