Practice Management 2022

101 - The Hematology-Oncology Pharmacist ​​Great Migration: ​ A Call to Action (1.25 CE)

  • Discuss challenges impacting the oncology pharmacy workforce within academic, community and other practice settings​​ 
  • Summarize national survey results assessing current workforce trends in oncology pharmacy​​ 
  • Review opportunities for managers to provide additional support to retain the oncology pharmacy workforce ​​ 
  • Examine prospects of developing a staffing model focused on retaining clinical pharmacists 
  • Strategize future initiatives to ensure staff satisfaction and growth​ 

102 - A Recipe for the Implementation of Layered Learning in Cancer Care - No Cake Included (1.0 CE)

  • Discuss the available literature outlining the benefits of layered learning models 
  • Design a layered learning program to fit learner and institution needs 
  • Describe barriers to layered learning and identify components for successful implementation of a layered learning program 
  • Utilize resources for preceptor development and layered learning programs 

103 - The Title We Didn’t Train For - Navigating the Balance Between Being a Caregiver AND an Oncology Pharmacist (1.0 CE)

  • Details to come.

104 - Beyond the Clinic: Exploring Non-Traditional Careers in Oncology Pharmacy (1.0 CE)

  • Identify elements important to oncology pharmacy career path selection 
  • Describe non-traditional oncology pharmacy career paths 
  • Recognize important keywords that can be used to search for non-traditional oncology pharmacy roles 
  • Choose an oncology pharmacy career path that best correlates with individual goals 

105 - Navigating Change and Avoiding Landmines:  Three Practice Perspectives (1.0 CE)

  • Details to come.

106 - Follow that Money! - A Guide to Preventing Medical Necessity Denials (1.0 CE)

  • Define medical necessity denials and discuss their financial impact on an organization 
  • Examine strategies around non-standard off label medication use 
  • Evaluate strategies to reduce utilization of improper diagnosis code(s) within the electronic health record 
  • Apply how strategies that were discussed can be taken back to home institutions