Advocacy Town Hall

Visit the Patient Advocacy Virtual Room throughout the entire conference and attend the Patient Advocacy Town Hall Live Session.

Town Hall to Feature Six (6) Patient-Centered Organizations in the Cancer Advocacy Space

Patient Advocacy Virtual Room

Visit the Patient Advocacy Virtual Room housed by six (6) different patient advocacy organizations.

  • Watch a short video clip to learn about each organization’s mission, vision and goal, and hear patient stories
  • Find out about their resources especially valuable to hematology/oncology pharmacists in their interactions with patients
  • Connect with each organization, should you have specific questions

Town Hall Live Session Wednesday, April 14, 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. CST

  • Watch a video of a conversation with each of the 6 organizations, as their representatives speak on three different topics
    • Creating community with patients and family members through a cancer diagnosis, and in underserved groups
    • Unique programs/resources for patients, caregivers, survivors, and the rest of the community
    • Financial and emotional support programs
  • While watching the conversations with the advocacy organizations, session attendees will be able to interact with representatives from each of the organizations
    • Attendees are encouraged to ask the representatives questions, as conversations will run concurrent while the video is running
    • Note: There will be no follow-up questions addressed after the live, therefore, we encourage you to ask your questions early-into the program to better ensure your question is taken

Visit the Patient Advocacy Resource Room to learn more about each organization, and to find resources to use and incorporate into your practice.