Patient Advisory Panel

Giving a voice to patients impacted by cancer and blood diseases. HOPA’s Patient Outreach Committee (POC) is pleased to announce applications for our Patient Advisory Panel are now open.

Seeking Patient Panelists to Share Their Perspectives

The Panel gives people who have been impacted by cancer and blood diseases an opportunity to share their perspectives, which may influence HOPA’s programming, initiatives, policies, and publications. The Panel consist of 5-10 patients and/or survivors who have been impacted by cancer and blood diseases. Patients of all ages, stages in therapy, and cancer/disease types may apply.


All applications are due by Friday, April 30th. Click here for application.


Developing the Panel with Your Support

As a HOPA member, your support is instrumental in determining the quality of the Patient Advisory Panel. That is why we're asking you to review your list of patients, determine if you know individuals that meet the panel criteria, and ask them to apply for the Panel.

We’ve Made Reaching Out to Potential Panelists Easy!

To help guide your conversation, the POC has developed a Patient Advisory Panel Flyer to share with your patient contacts. As a quick guide, it provides an overview of:

  • what's being asked of panelists in terms of sharing their individual story;
  • the value of individual participation and the value of the panel's collective knowledge;
  • the time commitment required

Click here for the Patient Advisory Panel Flyer.

Tip: To mitigate any concerns of a long application process, please inform your patient there are less than 10 questions. (One way to encourage their participation is to show them a copy of the application.)

Applications are due April 30, 2021

We appreciate your support! Please reach out to your patient contacts soon, in order to provide them ample time to submit their application.

If you or your panelists have questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..