Friday, September 14, 2018

7:45–11 am

Preconference (3 CEU)


Managing your Cancer Program

Lindsey Amerine, PharmD BCPS MS will deliver the essentials of precertification and denials management. Kelly Scott-Rice, PharmD will review her creation of a pharmacist navigator position and how it was funded and established as a “best practice” by the Commission on Cancer. Lastly, Tim Tyler, PharmD FCSHP FHOPA will review reimbursement changes and challenges in the oncology marketplace.

Lindsey Amerine

Lindsey Amerine, PharmD BCPS MS

Kelly Scott-Rice

Kelly Scott-Rice, PharmD

timothy tyler

Timothy Tyler, PharmD FCSHP FHOPA

Noon–1 pm


How Payers are Changing Cancer Care

The pace of innovation in cancer care has been accelerating, with the emergence of immunotherapy and personalized medicine leading the way. This is happening while the US is struggling with rising cost of medical care, with a particular focus on the rising cost of cancer care. In this presentation, we will review the origins of this paradox, the payer responses, the results to date, and novel solutions which are likely to emerge as we get closer to curing cancer under our cost constrained health care system.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the evolution of the cost problem in healthcare as seen both by commercial and government payers.
  • To critically review current oncology payment pilots in both the government as well as commercial payer world.
  • To present novel payment models such as outcomes based payment and payment over time to facilitate access to truly innovative therapies.

Michael Kolodziej

Michael Kolodziej, MD FACP

1–2:30 pm

Investigational Drug Services (1.5 CEU)


Facilitating the Transition to a Fully Electronic Record Keeping System for Investigational Drug Services

Learning Objectives:

  • Provide overview of HOPA IDS Best Practice Standards
  • Provide overview on ADCC Pharmacy Committee on IDS Standards and Procedures
  • Describe Investigational Pharmacy Services Metrics Data Capture

Lindsey Amerine

Lindsey Amerine, PharmD BCPS MS

Optimizing Oral Investigational Dispensing Workflows

stephen polly

Stephen Polley, PharmD BCPS MPA MS

23 and Pharmacy: Gearing Pharmacy Operations for Preparation of Vaccine and Viral Vector Therapies

Rebecca Provost

Rebecca Prevost, PharmD

3–4:30 pm

Reimbursement Updates (1.5 CEU)



Liz Hansen

Liz Hansen, RpH

Jonathan Levitt

Jonathan Levitt, Esq.

5–6 pm

Car-T Implementation (1 CEU)


Car-T, Can We Afford the Cure?  Financial and Operational Considerations for Car-T Therapy Implementation

Julie Kennerly

Julie Kennerly, PharmD BCPS MS MHA

Saturday, September 15, 2018

8–9 am

MACRA Update (1 CEU)


Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) Updates

Marc Earl, PharmD BCOP



Jim Koeller

Jim Koeller, MS

9–10 am

Value Based Care (1 CEU)


Pharmacist’s Opportunities in Oncology Quality

shannon hough

Shannon Hough, PharmD BCOP


Emily Mackler, PharmD BCOP

10–10:30 am

Information Technology (.5 CEU)


Harness the Power of Business Intelligence to Impact Your Oncology Practice

Jeffrey Reichard, PharmD BCOP BCPS MS

11 am–Noon

Educational Session (1 CEU)


Grit, Resilience, and Happiness: Fostering Success in the Workplace (1 CEU)

Amy Pick

Amy Pick, PharmD BCOP

1–2 pm

Oral Chemotherapy (1 CEU)


Demonstrating our Worth: Pharmacist Impact on Patient Outcomes in Oral Chemotherapy

Alison Palumbo

Alison Palumbo, PharmD BCOP

2–3 pm

Operational, IT and Safety Pearls (1 CEU)


The Cost of Doing Business: a Sterile Compounding Technician Budget Metric

Nicholas Baker, PharmD BCPS MPH 

Transition of Cancer Center into New Building: Unanticipated Challenges and Lessons Learned 

Marc Earl, PharmD BCOP

Safety and Cost-Savings Optimization through Automation of Chemotherapy Dose-Rounding


Sara Koth

Sara Koth, PharmD BCOP

Developing a Successful Patient Assistance and Pre-Certification Program


Monica Macik, PharmD BCOP BCPS

Utilization of Employed Pharmacy Interns at an Oncology Infusion Center


Paul Morakes

Paul Morales, PharmD BCOP

Best Practices in Clean Room Viable Sampling 


Alison Smith

Alison Smith, PharmD  

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