Summary of July 26, 2018 Board Meeting

Jeremy Whalen, PharmD BCOP
HOPA Board Member at Large, 2018-2021

The HOPA Board of Directors opened their Mid-Summer meeting by welcoming back Heidi Finnes unto the Board, to carry out the final term year of Edward Li. Heidi served on the Board of Directors as an At-Large Board Member until this March. The Board appointed her back to carry out the term, and work with many of our committee and work groups at the council level. Please join us welcoming Heidi back for the interim appointment.

In the meeting, the Board also discussed HOPA’s Practice Management event coming up next month – September 14-15 – in Chicago. In reviewing the upcoming event, the Board also looked forward to 2019 plans. After looking at a number of options, the Board has made the decision that Practice Management will enter into a rotation and will be ON THE MOVE to a new location in 2019! 

The Board is also proud to report on continuous improvements to the newly launched, My Education Library. HOPA has recently approved the feature that will automate reporting of both ACPE, and potentially future BCOP credits for HOPA members and nonmembers in the educational portal. The impact of these continued improvements help to further establish HOPA as an oncology pharmacy education leader, not only in its content but with its capabilities.

Continuing in the vein of education, excitement is already brewing for HOPA’s Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas on April 3-6, 2019. The planning has started for our annual conference and special to 2019, our 15 Year Anniversary Reception. We look forward to seein’ y’all in your party shoes, cowboy boots or otherwise!