vote now button hopaEach year, HOPA members elect the association’s new leadership who will provide crucial guidance in reaching HOPA’s strategic goals. Submitting your vote will directly impact the direction of HOPA as a leading voice for hematology/oncology pharmacy for years to come.

Vote for the 2019-2020 Board of Directors. The following positions are now open:

  • President-Elect
  • Treasurer
  • At-large Board Member

Voting is closed. Please note that voting eligibility is only open to Lifetime, Full, and Technician memberships.



David DeRemer David DeRemer, PharmD BCOP FCCP
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

Election Statement
As we celebrate our 15th anniversary as an organization, HOPA continues to make significant advancement in promoting hematology/oncology pharmacy practice and the optimization of care of patients afflicted with cancer. I would be remiss not to acknowledge the dedication and efforts of our foundation of innovative leadership who paved a path of excellence for our organization today. Through their efforts as well as the countless hours of volunteerism of our diverse membership, we all have benefited professionally and personally. I was recently nominated for President-Elect of HOPA and I have accepted this nomination. I am committing to continuing our rich tradition of excellence and serving the members of our organization. Specifically, I support the following:

  • Accelerate deliverables from committees/task forces
  • Enhance current membership growth
  • Identify and foster professional development of HOPA leaders for successful future transitions
  • Advance and increase patient-oriented advocacy agenda
  • Sustain continued financial support of research for selected investigators
  • Maintain and expand solid external stakeholder relationships

I have been fortunate to serve on the HOPA Board of Directors as an At-large member for 2 years, oversee 4 committees as a Board liaison, as well as participate on 4 HOPA Tasks Forces. As a Board member, I was engaged in the strategic plan (2016-2020) and a member of the Committee Restructuring Task Force which operationalizes HOPA today. Thank you for this opportunity to serve. I am honored for this opportunity to lead HOPA into the future.


Caren Hughes Caren Hughes, PharmD BCOP
Clinic Pharmacist/Mayo Clinic Jacksonville
Jacksonville, FL

Election Statement
HOPA is an organization made up of hundreds of pharmacists across a wide expanse of geography, practice models and experience. Succeeding as a value-added professional organization requires leadership that will listen to the members’ needs and develop the ability to prioritize and deliver the information that fills these needs and support them in their practice. The Board position of Treasurer requires fiduciary responsibilities, understanding of finance and accounting principles and excellent communication skills. I understand these requirements and will work hard to deliver for both HOPA membership and the Board.

I began my career with an engineering degree and MBA, providing many important building blocks for project management, problem solving and finance. My previous work experience in commercial businesses has also broadened my ability to understand the critical importance of budget and finance in the success of an organization. Successfully delivering against the organization objectives however requires efforts of a coherent team as well as the identification of what needs to be done. I value the ability to team with others from diverse backgrounds, working together towards mutual goals. I believe that everyone brings something valuable to the table; that all members must be invited to contribute and their contributions factored into the solutions.


Sachin ShahSachin Shah, PharmD BCOP FHOPA FCCP
Texas Tech/Dallas VA Medical Center
Dallas, TX

Election Statement
I am thrilled to have potential opportunity to serve as a Treasurer on the HOPA Board of Directors. I have been a believer of the value HOPA provides to its members since its inception. I am proud to be a founding member of the HOPA. The HOPA has been a leader in professional education and development, advocacy, and research. It has been a prominent voice for the hematology/oncology pharmacists to optimize the care of individuals affected by cancer. Today, HOPA stands financially stable and secure as its membership has grown from hundreds to thousands over the years. It should continue to assure sound fiscal policies and procedures to optimize the funds towards the benefit of its members and profession.

I have been an active member of HOPA through committees participation, meetings presentation and attendance, and other projects. I have been a clinical pharmacist, teacher, researcher, administrator, and entrepreneur. Currently, I serve as a Chair of the BPS Specialist Council on Oncology Pharmacy to advance the standards of pharmacists for the care of patients with cancer. As an Associate Dean at Texas Tech, I have been fiscally responsible for the offices of Assessment and Accreditation. I have been passionate to advance the profession of hematology/oncology pharmacy. I believe serving as a Treasure on the Board of Directors will provide a higher platform to lead and drive the mission of HOPA and serve its members.

At-large Board Member

LKennedyLeAnn Kennedy, PharmD BCOP FHOPA
Wake Forest Baptist Health
Lewisville, NC

Election Statement
I am so honored to be considered for the position of At-large Director. Over the past 13 years, I have seen HOPA grow from a small young organization to an established organization regarded by others as the expert in oncology pharmacy! I have served HOPA in a variety of activities from being the second chair of the education committee to being HOPA's first ACPE administrator helping get HOPA established as a CPE provider. In addition, I have given several different presentations at HOPA and know how hard the committee works to plan a meeting. HOPA has helped me in my professional development and I am ready to give back to the association. One goal from HOPA's Strategic Plan is to expand professional development. I would like to develop a mentorship program which will help to expand professional development for both the mentor and mentee while expanding opportunities for research and advocacy which are two other goals from the Strategic Plan. After HOPA has given so much to me, I am ready to give back by taking the next step to run for office.


Julie Kennerly-ShahJulie Kennerly-Shah, PharmD
James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State University
Columbus, OH

Election Statement
I am currently Assistant Director of Pharmacy at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, where I have responsibility for Oncology services for The James Cancer Hospital. I feel that my perspective and experience building and expanding clinical pharmacy services, developing and implementing strategic plans, and mentoring oncology practitioners will allow me to effectively serve the HOPA membership as At-Large Member.

As the landscape of cancer care in the United States rapidly evolves, oncology pharmacists are uniquely positioned to address many challenges to the system:

  • Cost of cancer care, including rising drug costs
  • Increased complexity in medication regimens and side effect management as immunotherapy, CAR-T therapy, and combination therapies become more common
  • Incorporation of biosimilars into numerous hematology/oncology settings

The current HOPA strategic plan outlines professional development, professional resources and tools, research, and advocacy as focused goal areas. As we look to the future, it is pertinent that we focus on innovative ways to achieve these goals:

  • Engage directly with members to support practice model expansion
  • Embrace technology to meet the educational needs of all of our members
  • Develop programming that allows new practitioners to expand collaborative research
  • Strengthen HOPA’s national advocacy voice to include pharmacists as a key member of all hematology/oncology patient care teams
  • Develop tools that allow members to directly measure productivity and demonstrate the value of the hematology/oncology pharmacist

I am honored by this nomination, and it would be a privilege to serve you as At-Large Member.