Phil Johnson graduated from U. Illinois College of Pharmacy, and received an MS in Administration and Organizational Development from George Williams College. He opened 3 hospitals, two for Advocate Health (Chicago), and later the Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa) where he was the Pharmacy Director for 26 years. Phil helped establish two professional organizations; the Florida Cancer Pain Initiative, and HOPA, which he served as Board Member, Treasurer, and President. Phil has numerous publications and was a contributing editor to AJHP. He has served on more than 40 advisory boards and committees of professional organizations. He has served as faculty to 7 colleges of pharmacy and has been a voting member on 2 Institutional Review Boards. Phil has served on guidelines committees for the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) and HOPA, chaired the NCCN taskforce on REMS, and chaired the ISMP international taskforce to develop an Oncology Medication Self Assessment Tool. He also has researched and published in the area of medication safety in the school health setting. His career is focused on developing advanced pharmacy practice in the oncology setting, patient advocacy, and regulatory reform.