Oncology Pharmacy Practice Management Course

HOPA Practice Management

Practice Management 2020

When: September 11-12, 2020

Where: Westin Galleria Houston

Who Should Attend

This 2-day program is designed to guide oncology pharmacy providers in effective management of the expensive, high-risk care and oncology medications they provide, while allowing for implementation of new technologies and ensuring improved safety and patients' compliance with medication instructions. 

Why You Should Attend

Gain access to cutting-edge content from hematology/oncology leaders.
Take advantage of a vast range of educational opportunities presented by noted experts exploring topics such as Global Health, Medication Safety, Investigational Drug Services and Professional Development.

Connect and reconnect with your colleagues while earning CE credit.
The HOPA Practice Management course is your chance to build a more robust professional network while catching up with old friends. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn ACPE credit.

Getting Approval to Attend

Here are some tips to help you get approval from your supervisor to attend Practice Management.

  • Review the program materials with an eye toward addressing your hospital or facility's current needs or plans for the near future.
  • Prepare an estimate of costs in advance, including registration fee, membership fee, airfare, hotel, and miscellaneous expenses. Remember that registering before Early Bird closes, will save you $50 on your registration fee.
  • Emphasize the opportunity to gain continuing education credits at the conference.
  • Identify a back-up person or process to ensure work coverage during your absence. Perhaps you can ask an assistant or department head to help.
  • Seek approval from your supervisor immediately. An early request shows that you are a careful planner, and you may be able to take advantage of savings on both the registration fee and airfares. Should your supervisor have any questions, you will also have ample time to address them.
  • Put your request in writing. Include a time-off request, your expected expenses, the specific benefits that your attendance will have for the hospital or facility, and the knowledge you will gain from the conference (refer, for example, to a session teaching a skill that you will be able to learn or enhance).
  • Sometimes asking in person is better. Be sure to have all of the information about the conference with you for your supervisor to review.
  • Ask for your supervisor's recommendation of classes for you to attend. Encourage your supervisor's involvement in your educational development.
  • If you have attended the conference in the past, explain to your supervisor how the education offered particular value to your patients or institution.
  • After asking for permission, follow up in a timely manner. A gentle reminder or an offer to discuss the conference may lead to approval.


Attendees can access archived abstracts and presentation handouts from previous events.