Oncology Pharmacy Practice Management Program

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The 2017 Oncology Pharmacy Practice Management Program takes place September 15–16 in Chicago. HOPA’s 2-day meeting will guide oncology pharmacy providers to effectively manage the expensive, high risk care and oncology medications they provide, while allowing for new technology implementation, safety improvement, and regulatory compliance.

Join experts in the field of pharmacy services management as they share their expertise and practical solutions to the everyday challenges of providing top-of-the-line clinical care in a fiscally responsible manner. As newer and more expensive treatments become available for patients, the balancing act becomes increasingly difficult. This program offers perspectives from leaders who have achieved this balance in settings large and small and provides practical solutions for challenges you may face at your facility.

This year’s keynote speaker, Bill McGivney, PhD, former CEO of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, brings his vast experience and expertise to bear on real-world issues encountered by hematology/oncology pharmacists. Other program highlights include sessions on oral chemotherapy, position justification, electronic medical records, and USP <800>.

Are you looking to attend the Investigational Drug Services Preconference, but unable to stay for the whole conference? HOPA has the answer! You may now register to attend only the Preconference Session. Click here for more information.

Are you looking for additional BCOP credits? Come to Chicago early and attend the BCOP Specialty Sessions from the Annual Conference on September 14. This program offers advanced pharmacy practitioners an opportunity to attend the BCOP specialty sessions that were presented at HOPA’s Annual Conference in Anaheim.

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