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HOPA organizes a variety of in-person programs each year for hematology/oncology pharmacy practitioners to educate attendees about emerging research and new treatment regimens, provide clinical updates on treatment of tumor types and new supportive care therapies, and present an overview of common clinical and technical issues in the hematology/oncology clinical setting. In person provides an opportunity for networking and collegial support unique to face to face events.

By informing hematology/oncology practitioners about the latest developments in clinical trials, therapeutic regimens, treatment guidelines, and emerging technologies, these individuals will be well positioned to participate in healthcare initiatives and clinical decision making that will have a direct and positive impact on cancer patient management.

Trainee Research in Progress FAQ

QUESTION: What defines a trainee?
ANSWER: A trainee is defined as either a student, resident, or fellow.

QUESTION: What if I am a trainee but I have a completed research project?
ANSWER: If you have completed research, you are encouraged to submit it into the completed research submission. If it is not accepted here, it will be accepted as a trainee submission. You will still be eligible for consideration of the HOPA trainee research award.

QUESTION: Do I have to be a member of HOPA to submit an abstract?
ANSWER: No, you do not need to be a member of HOPA in order to submit an abstract.

QUESTION: May I present my research as an encore submission?
ANSWER: Yes, we do consider accepting encore submissions. Consideration will be given to the platform where the research has been presented previously.

QUESTION: What is an encore submission?
ANSWER: An encore submission is one that has been previously presented elsewhere, prior to it being presented at the HOPA annual meeting.

QUESTION: Do I have to be present at the annual meeting in order to submit an abstract?
ANSWER: Yes, you must be planning on attending the HOPA annual meeting. Once an abstract is accepted, the presenter must register for at least the day on which they will be presenting their poster. The trainee must be in attendance at the designated poster session in order for the poster to be presented. Only those presenters committed to attending the conference may submit an abstract.

QUESTION: I have submitted an abstract, but have found out I am no longer able to attend the meeting. May I have someone present my poster for me?
ANSWER: A trainee poster cannot be presented by anyone other than the trainee. Trainees must be available to present during poster exhibition sessions for questions from participants.

QUESTION: Are any expenses paid for if I submit an abstract?
ANSWER: Presenters are responsible for all expenses such as production and shipping of posters, and for personal expenses such as travel, hotel, and meeting registration fees. It may be possible to be awarded a travel grant to the HOPA annual meeting. Check the HOPA website for application details.

QUESTION: Should I submit my research into a particular category?
ANSWER: Yes, your research should be submitted into either the clinical/translational research or practice management category. Furthermore, please include the topic of your research. Topics are defined as hematology, bone marrow transplantation, medical oncology, supportive care, and other.

QUESTION: What types of research should not be submitted?
ANSWER: Single-patient case reports, case series, as well as meta-analyses should not be submitted as trainee research. If submitted, it will not be accepted for review. While we recognize the place in the literature for such research, we want to promote the knowledge of the basic principles of formal research and subsequently the development of high-quality original clinical research.

QUESTION: Do you have any examples of quality research that has previously been submitted?
ANSWER: Please view the Trainee Research PDF examples of previously submitted abstracts. These are abstracts that have been top ten abstracts in years past.

QUESTION: How long may my abstract be?
ANSWER: Your abstract should be no longer than 400 words and should be single-spaced.

QUESTION: What are the dimensions of the posters?
ANSWER: Size guidelines for accepted posters can be found here.

QUESTION: Tell me more about the HOPA Trainee Research Award. Is everyone eligible for this award?
ANSWER: HOPA identifies the best trainee poster for an annual award. To be considered for the award, the presenter must be a HOPA member, must be a trainee, and must submit an electronic poster (ePoster) by the pre-specified deadline prior to the HOPA meeting to allow for review. Electronic posters will be due approximately 4 weeks prior to the meeting to allow time for off-site review.  

QUESTION: What is an electronic poster?
ANSWER: An electronic poster (ePoster) is an electronic submission of the poster you will be presenting at the annual meeting. You will create your poster according to the guidelines provided upon submission and upload an electronic copy to a specified website for judging.  Further details and information will be communicated with the trainee regarding the electronic poster process upon initial submission of their title and objectives. 

QUESTION: Does everyone need to submit an ePoster?
ANSWER: You only need to submit an ePoster ahead of the annual meeting if you want to be considered for the top ten trainee award. Otherwise, the submission of your abstract is enough to be able to present a poster of your research at the annual meeting. You will have a more likely chance of being considered for the award if there are some results included in the ePoster along with some meaningful interpretation of results and mention of future directions of the project.

QUESTION: What if my institution does not allow for the submission of an ePoster?
ANSWER: It is understood that not every institution may allow for this type of submission. Trainees who wish to be considered for the research award should upload a scanned version of their poster.

QUESTION: What happens to my abstract and ePoster once it has been submitted?
ANSWER: A group of reviewers, all members of the HOPA Research Abstract Review Work Group will score and discuss your abstract and electronic poster. The scoring will determine if you have submitted one of the top ten trainee abstracts and could be eligible for an award to be presented at the annual meeting. Reviews of all completed research abstracts will be based on the following criteria:

  • Background/Rationale includes purpose, significance and context;
  • Objective(s) are measureable and clearly defined;
  • Methodology is appropriate, organized and replicable;
  • Results are related to objective & method and are described appropriately;
  • Conclusion/Discussion offers a meaningful interpretation of results and future directions of the project;
  • Abstracts are also reviewed for its implications for hematology/oncology pharmacy practice, uniqueness and innovation in pharmacy practice as well as overall study quality

QUESTION: May I revise my abstract once it has been submitted?
ANSWER: Abstracts may be revised at any time up until the submission deadline. A confirmation email will be sent upon submission, giving the submitter the password-protected URL for the abstract. 

QUESTION: May I revise my ePoster once it has been submitted?
ANSWER: ePosters may be revised at any time up until the submission deadline. 

QUESTION: What if my submission is not being considered for the award?
ANSWER: Currently all submissions of a qualified research type, whether or not they are being considered for the award, will be accepted to be presented as posters at the HOPA annual meeting. There is a possibility this could change in the future due to number of submissions and space constraints.

QUESTION: What is the prize?
ANSWER: The top trainee poster submission may win a free year of HOPA membership.

QUESTION: Will my abstract be published anywhere?
ANSWER: Selected completed research abstracts will be published in a supplement of an issue of the Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice.

QUESTION: May I have a QR code on my poster?
ANSWER: A QR code will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The QR code should only link to the poster online and not to any other site.





















Late-Breaking Completed Abstracts and Posters FAQ

QUESTION: What type of research should be submitted into the late-breaking category?
ANSWER: Original research that is not completed until after the submission deadline for completed research may be eligible for submission as a late-breaking abstract. The content must meet criteria for urgency and significant scientific importance to be considered in this category.

QUESTION: Are late-breaking abstracts considered for platform presentations at the annual meeting?
ANSWER: Yes, late-breaking abstracts are considered for platform presentations at the annual meeting. The research must be of significant scientific importance to become a platform presentation. If not accepted as a platform presentation, the submitter will be considered for a poster presentation at the annual meeting.




















Research that has been studied, tested, and has results and conclusions available for presentation.

Incomplete at the deadline, but now is able to be presented with results and conclusions.

Previously presented elsewhere, prior to it being presented at the HOPA annual meeting.

A student, resident, or fellow, must be the primary author of the abstract being submitted.