Michael Bourisaw, HOPA’s Executive Director, has over 30 years of experience in healthcare including the past 13 years working in executive level positions with various healthcare associations. HOPA is one of the Clients that Bourisaw has served in his role as Executive Director, Professional Relations and Development, at AMC. Working with the Board and the HOPA team non-dues revenues have grown significantly each year.

“I am committed to listening to others, building trust, and working to understand how people can work together to achieve goals,” Bourisaw says. “This is my approach with both HOPA’s membership and volunteer leadership.”

Bourisaw spent 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, through both boom and lean years, working his way from field sales rep, to senior manager, and then on to director of the medical liaison team by learning from and working with industry thought leaders. He then moved on to a leadership role in business development for a major nonprofit medical association, which, he notes, was “marked by passion and leadership from those members who drive the organization’s mission.”

In his new position, Michael will be working closely with HOPA leadership and staff to set a positive direction and build on past success. Bourisaw will make a point of seeking out HOPA’s engaged membership to listen, ask questions, and ensure that HOPA meets the strategic objectives established by the Board. HOPA can then stay committed to achieving the vision of having a Hem/Onc pharmacist as an integral member of the care team for all individuals affected by cancer.