Tuesday, June 18, 2019

8:15–9:05 am
Keynote Lecture (0.075 CEU)


Value in Oncology: What’s Next After Precision Medicine?

Yousuf Zafar, MD MHS

Yousuf Zafar

9:05–9:55 am
General Session (0.075 CEU)


General Overview of MACRA Legislation and the QPPs of MIPS and APMs

Learning objectives:

  1. Describe the MACRA legislation and quality payment programs of MIPS and APMs
  2. Identify the outcomes of this legislation and the impact on health care quality in the cancer population since its inception in 2015
  3. Explain how pharmacy practices can adopt and utilize the aspects of these programs to enhance health care quality


Sybil Green, RpH JD MHA

Sybil Green

10:10–11:00 am
General Session (0.075 CEU)


Medicare’s Oncology Care Model and ASCO’s proposed Patient-centered Oncology Model

Learning objectives:

  1. Compare and contrast Medicare's Oncology Care Model and ASCO's Patient-Centered Oncology Payment Model
  2. Discuss limitations of Medicare's Oncology Care Model and identify ways ASCO’s proposed Patient-Centered Oncology Payment Model could address these limitations
  3. Illustrate the current impact of Medicare’s Oncology Care Model


Blase Polite, MD MPP FASCO

Blaise Polite

11:00–11:50 am
General Session (0.075 CEU)


Value-Based Frameworks in Oncology: Strengths and Limitations of Defining Costs and Benefits for Cancer Therapy


  1. Compare and contrast between the various value-based models (purpose, information needed, resulting information).
  2. Apply and assess clinical application of various value-based models based on current practice.
  3. Provide future direction of the assessment of the value of oncology-related medications/treatments including impact on reimbursement and clinical outcomes.


Evelyn Handel, PharmD BCPS BCOP

Evelyn Handel

12:20–1:10 pm
General Session (0.075 CEU)


Quality metrics used in Oncology/Other Practice areas including QOPI, Choosing Wisely, CMS’s eCQMs

  1. Identify the ideal characteristics of a quality metric for demonstrating value-based care
  2. Summarize the benefits and challenges of measuring healthcare quality, including those regarding patient-reported outcomes
  3. Compare and contrast some of the quality metrics currently being utilized in oncology practices


Blase Polite, MD MPP FASCO

Blaise Polite

1:10–2:10 pm
Panel Discussion (0.10 CEU)


Payer and Provider Perspective Including a Health System, Health Plan and AMCP

  1. Understand how the changes from FFS to value-based care will impact (or has impacted) payers
  2. List potential areas of opportunity for pharmacists to impact care from a payer perspective
  3. Describe outcomes achieved from existing value-based care models


James Schwartz, RPh


Carol Yarrington, PharmD BCOP

2:25–3:25 pm
Panel Discussion (0.10 CEU)


Clinicians and Their Involvement in Establishing Value-Based Programs

Clinicians will share their expertise, provide concrete examples of how to establish such programs, and review challenges and barriers to implementation.

  1. Describe examples of value-based programs which include the role of the pharmacist from conception to implementation
  2. Explain the successes and challenges encountered while establishing value-based programs within the institution
  3. Discuss the impact of the value-based program at your institution including attempts to increase size or scope of the program as well as payor acceptance


Stuart Goldberg, MD

Adam Peele, PharmD MHA BCPS BCOP

Jeff Reichard, PharmD MS BCOP BCPS


3:25–4:10 pm
Roundtable Discussion (0.075 CEU)


How Has the Definition of Value-Based Care Changed After Today?

Participants will discuss how their definition of Value-Based Care has changed after attending today’s forum.  The conversation will include how the participant plans to implement value-based care at their institution and what crucial changes they will implement.